A good friend of mine lost his son to cancer at age 10 a few years back. His name was Paul Jimenez aka "Paulie". Since his loss, the family has started a foundation called "Paulie Strong" to help raise awareness and donations for those in need. This March, they are holding a LEGO drive for children with cancer. 

All LEGO sets collected will be donated to the Pediatrics department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. LEGOs are one of the most important items in the hospital because they help to take the kids minds off of the pain and suffering of their cancer and the painful treatments. Also, because the kids at MSK have compromised immune systems, LEGOs that the kids don’t take home with them cannot be shared with other patients for sanitary reasons.

All of the Cedar Grove schools have agreed to be drop off points for this worthy cause through the end of March (it is also listed in the Cedar Grove Friday folder that is sent out to all parents). Please donate brand new, unopened Lego's as this will be helping many children in need.