Fire Sign Creations Receives Honorable Mention and Exhibition!

Cedar Grove resident, Cara Cilento, has become a force to reckon with in the up and coming world of photography and wearable art.

     “I really didn’t expect the attention I received.” Ms. Cilento said, “But I’m thankful for it.”

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   When speaking about her beginnings, she smiles.

      “A few years ago, I won an interior design consult as part of a tricky tray. The designer asked who took all the photographs I had on my walls. I thought he was going to tell me to take them down but when I told him it was me, he stepped closer and told me I had a good eye and talent.”

     Within a year, Ms. Cilento started to hone her talent and had won two honorable mentions through The International ND Awards and International Chromatic Awards for Photomanipulation.

     Ms. Cilento, a mother of two, has had her artwork shown from coast to coast. Most recently, it was shown at the Fine Art of Photography Exposition in Massachusetts. To her surprise, she was the only artist from New Jersey chosen to appear. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, exhibition opportunities have been forced online or delayed.

    “I know families are suffering from the guidelines we need to keep each other safe and healthy.  I, myself, have family who had COVID-19 and a brother who is a first responder. You can’t help but feel helpless when you’re quarantined from those you need to help.”

     Ms. Cilento has decided to offer her in-stock artwork at a discounted rate and donate 50% of the profit to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. Her first listings, “Compass” and “Fire Escape Soliloquy” are valued at $350.00  and will be offered at $175.00.  To see a sample of Ms. Cilento’s work, you can visit her online gallery  For questions and inquiries about stock, Ms. Cilento can be reached at