CEDAR GROVE, NJ - A new group has been organized to help celebrate local children's birthdays as it becomes apparent that many kids will unfortunately only be able to celebrate with immediate family at home.The Cedar Grove Kids Birthday Car Train will organize a LONG train of cars every day for local kid's birthdays. 

Please join our group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/303175000662112. If your kid has a birthday coming up soon, just post with the date (a few days advance notice would be great), your address and your kid's name & age. And we'll set up a meeting point and route (if there are more than 1 that day). Times are usually between 5 - 6 PM. If you're able to, please join us for the birthday car train and let's put as many smiles on kid's faces in town as we can! Please spread the word around town & share this group.