October 25, 2019

To the Editor,

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I’m voting for Laura Fortgang for NJ Assembly because I know her voice will ring true in Trenton. We met about 5 years ago when a group of us were trying to speak with our Assembly Reps. to discuss their votes; very few of which reflected the needs of our community. However, we were stonewalled by them--an affront to the idea that they “represented” us. 

It was at these meetings that we all heard Laura begin to sing. Having built a successful career as an executive coach, author and widely acknowledged public speaker, her experience laid the foundation for her seamless evolution into the political realm.  This came so naturally to her.  Her solutions are logical, universal and practicable and her dynamic expression struck a chord with all of us, making it clear that she had to answer her new calling.

She recognizes that healthcare has practically become a second mortgage an expense neither sustainable nor fair. So she supports actions toward affordable healthcare and stabilized NJ plan pricing. She also stands with NJ residents on a woman’s right to freely decide upon her own reproductive healthcare. She won’t allow NJ to slip backwards.

Laura has vision to bring more jobs to the state in growth industries, and to reverse the vicious cycle of rising taxes and losing companies and eventually losing families too. 

Laura understands that the environment is an essential element in the overall infrastructure of NJ. She knows that without a forward-looking model to stem the tide of shore loss, erosion, and unmitigated stormwater flooding, our state will continue to pay the price. Focusing on green practices, green jobs and green energy opportunities she seeks to save and reinvigorate threatened flood plain and shore communities.

With so much divisive rhetoric in politics, it’s time for the 26th District to elect an approachable, responsive and sensible candidate that actually represents NJ’s needs. Laura cares about the future of New Jersey and its longevity and her ideas for our future are testament to that. November 5th is Laura’s time to fearlessly stand on the floor of the NJ State Assembly so that she may sing with our voice. 

Jessica Pearson
Verona NJ