I cannot begin to express mine and my family’s gratitude for the amazing memorial dedicated to Bill.   I want to convey my sincere thanks to Robbie Vargo, Tom Tucci, Mark Vizzini, the town council and township employees and everyone who made this memorial possible. 

Bill and I knew immediately when we purchased  our home in 1995 that this was where we wanted to start our family and raise our children.  We could not have chosen a better town!  My family has faced challenges in the last few years and your support has been our strength.  Every nice gesture has been greatly appreciated and has never gone unnoticed.

It is extraordinary for my family to have been a part of this and it is especially comforting to know that Bill’s message and memory will be kept alive. I can never tell you how much that means. We know our simple thank you is not enough, however please know how grateful we truly are!