CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Every police car in Cedar Grove is now equipped with a warm dry blanket thanks to the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation.  A part of Cedar Grove for more than 24 years, the foundation donated new eco-friendly blankets to the police department recently.

Officers use the blankets for victims at the scenes of emergencies, including house fires, medical calls and motor vehicle crashes. The Gray Eco Blankets are derived from recycled polyester yarn made from 78 recycled PET bottles. The blanket is used during the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s disaster relief operations around the world -- Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide have delivered more than 1000,000 blankets to disaster victims in 37 countries. Although on a much smaller scale here in Cedar Grove the blanket will provide the same needed relief.  The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation also operates a food pantry serving Cedar Grove and surrounding areas.

“The Tzu Chi Foundation has become a welcomed part of the Cedar Grove Community," said Cedar Grove Police Chief Joseph Cirasa.

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Region is located at 150 Commerce Road, Cedar Grove, NJ. 07009 973-857-8666 http://www.us.tzuchi.org. The food pantry hours are Fridays 11:30am to 2:00am and the 2nd and the 4th Sat 11:30am - 2 pm