Update 12 p.m. - In a letter addressed to Bayonne High School parents and guardians, Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael Wanko said the school received a threat through social media at approximately 8:24 a.m. 

Wanko said the school district immediately contacted the Bayonne Police Department and locked down Bayonne High School. 

"Students at Bayonne High School remained in their homeroom until we received full clearance from the Bayonne Police Department to begin a normal school day," he said. 

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Wanko confirmed the threat originated from a sophomore who attends Belen High School in New Mexico. The threat was made its way via social media to Bayonne where students "perceived" it as Bayonne High School.

In the letter, Wanko said students were never in danger. 


Update 11:40 a.m. - A Snapchat post, that New Mexico police said was made by a 16 year old Belen High School (New Mexico) student, made its way throughout the Bayonne High School student body on Friday morning. Once the students alerted school officials, the decision was made to lockdown  the building. 

The post referenced "BHS," which officials have determined identified Belan High School, not Bayonne High School.

The message was originally posted to the social media site on Thursday night, and said:

"Attention all bhs students prepare to see my wrath tomorrow. Hahaha you all ****** up. I'm going to be the next to go down in history you SCUMS (sic) **** You BHS. I dare you to go to school tm (sic). I want to see how many people I will take with me. Screenshot and spread the word. As you guys made fun of me and laugh at me now its my turn for revenge and its finally here. Beware my ak15 will be in my duffle bag and will happen when you least expect it. why can't things be ******* peaceful. wtf. careful and watch your back."

Los Lunas police officers questioned Flores on Thursday night, according to News-bulletin.com.


Update 11:04 a.m. - Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis said the threat "did not post any imminent threat to our students., faculty or anyone else."

Davis told a crowd of parents outside of Bayonne High School and in a Facebook post that his staff has been working with Bayonne Public School administrators regarding school security. 

"...We have been working on a new security measure that would place retired police officers who have undergone specialized training in our schools to work as armed security guards," Davis said in a Facebook post. "This is another important step we can take and I expect to have this program implemented in the upcoming months."

Parents have been allowed to enter the building to take their children home.


BAYONNE, NJ – Bayonne High School was placed on lockdown following a false report of a student with a gun at the school was circulating through Snapchat.

The lockdown was confirmed by TAPinto.net by multiple student tweets about the incident.

Following an investigation, officials determined that the threat was not credible as the Snapchat posts were related to Belan High School (BHS) in New Mexico, according to multiple Facebook posts by the popular group “Bayonne Alerts and What’s Happening Now.”

The Facebook group said the photos circulating throughout the Bayonne High School student body contained "BHS," which is also used by Bayonne High School, members of the Facebook group said.

The Bayonne Police Department and Bayonne Public Schools interim superintendent Dr. Michael Wanko could not be reached for comment as of press time. 

According to News-Bulletin.com, a newspaper serving Valencia County, New Mexico since 1910, local police in Los Lunas, New Mexico, where Belan High School is located, identified the student as a 16 year old, on Thursday night. 

This is the latest of several lockdown incidents in New Jersey since 17 students and faculty were killed at a Parkland, Florida high school last Wednesday. Students at Nutley and Matawan High Schools have also been placed on lockdown but threats against those schools were proven to be unfounded.