WARREN, NJ — Student representatives Joseph Pecoraro and Jaytin Gupta presented criteria to review co-curricular clubs created by the Watchung Hills All School Council (ASC) to the Watchung Hills Board of Education at it's last meeting.

Currently, active co-curricular student clubs need only to have a student and teacher advisor, and abide by an ASC constitution, Pecoraro said.

“We wanted to make sure that the people actually making the club weren’t doing so just to put it on their college resume, but were actually intent on following through with it and were serious about it,” said Pecoraro.

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“There are a lot of clubs that have only two or three members or aren’t putting in enough work, but advisors are still being compensated an unfair amount versus clubs that are putting in a lot of work,” said Gupta.

“I think because there are so many different clubs of different sizes, some have less members who are more dedicated. I think that has to be reviewed on a club independent basis,” said Pecoraro.

The students suggested that clubs should be put on a one-year probationary period to give the club time to gather student involvement and organize fundraisers and events and then be reevaluated.

Superintendent Elizabeth Jewett and the board thanked the students for all of their hard work and plan on using the  ASC's suggestions to develop a policy regarding stipends and status for clubs.