WARREN, NJ - Warren isn't on fire. The smokey smell is coming from brush fires in Pennsylvania. 
The Morris County Communications Center as well as area Police Departments have been dealing with an increased call volume regarding reports of a haze, smokey conditions and smell of smoke throughout Morris and Somerset counties. 
There is an elevated risk of brush fires in Somerset County.

The combination of gusty winds, along with low humidity and drying fuels will lead to the increased risk, according to www.njwildfires.org

The risk in Warren and the rest of Somerset County is very high.

Very High
Fires start easily from all causes and, immediately after ignition, spread rapidly and increase quickly in intensity. Spot fires are a constant danger. Fires burning in light fuels may quickly develop high intensity characteristics such as long-distance spotting and fire whirlwinds when they bum into heavier fuels.