WARREN, NJ - Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were earned by Warren Girl Scouts June 2012-2013 

The projects were described and the girls were announced individually and given their citations from the town.  
Here is a list of the projects and the names of the girls:
Gold Awards-earned by Warren Girl Scouts June 2012-2013
Ashley Genoese (Troop 65669) organized and ran the Arts & Crafts program for the first Juvenile Diabetes day camp in New Jersey.  Ashley tied many of the projects to diabetes, which allowed the kids to have fun while creating crafts related to their common disease.  She developed a plan and budget for future camp directors to use.  She created a survey for the campers and parents, where she discovered that all campers participated in her program, and many agreed it was their favorite part of camp. This project had a large impact on Ashley, as well as the kids, so Ashley decided to volunteer as a counselor at the camp the following summer.

Elizabeth Heyman (Troop 65198) Libby worked with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to organize an art show that provided her community with locally made art and informational materials to promote discussions of proper mental health and methods of helping those suffering from mood disorders. The event was held at the American Legion Hall in Warren and featured well over a dozen pieces, including one center piece made by the host that was constructed out of slips of paper covered in anonymously submitted secrets, all contributing to the night's theme, "Everyone has a secret that would just break your heart if you only knew".          
Monica Mahal  (Troop 65252) worked with Warren Middle School students to encourage them to stop littering. She involved them in litter clean-up trips and putting together art displays. She directed an environmental segment on the school news, and created a video called “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” which was viewed by the entire school.  It will continue to be shown to incoming sixth graders. Monica established a recycling-system at the local sports field, and continues to be active in her anti-litter campaign.
Alyssa Puccio (Troop 65278) worked with the Warren Elks Club to prepare a garden-like entrance way to the Elk's Club, complete with new plantings and a freshly painted sign. Volunteers will continue to maintain the area during special American holidays. The global connection was to promote environmental awareness, pride, and concern for a cleaner environment in our community. 
Isabel Kim (Troop 65926) created and led an arts and crafts program for Kindergarteners, to be run during the summer in conjunction with the Kindergarten camp run by Warren Rec.  She also researched projects ideas, worked with counselors and created a portfolio of projects for them to use in the future. 
Erin Maloney (Troop 65926) planned and led the first annual Warren Family campout for the Warren Rec department.  She handled marketing, communication, securing donations, planning program activities, and leading the children and adults at the event.  She put together a template document to be used by others to run the event in the future.  Her goal was to share her love of the outdoors and camping, as well as to promote the benefits of more “unplugged,” outdoor playtime for children and families.
Silver Awards – earned by Warren Girl Scouts June 2012-2013 
Kira Bartnick (Troop 65760) worked with “Bridges Outreach,” an organization dedicated to feeding the homeless.  She educated members of her CCD class and several classes at Central School, while marshaling their help to make sandwiches for the homeless.  She also spoke with the principal and members of the PTO at Central School, with the goal of making Bridges Outreach one of the organizations the PTO Social Action committee will support long term. 
Katherine Genirs (Troop 65760) and Kelly Mosquera (Troop 65306) spent many hours volunteering at the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, caring for and socializing cats for adoption.  At several public events, the girls set up a booth to educate others about the needs and mission of the shelter, the importance of spaying and neutering pets and to encourage others to consider adopting a homeless pet.  
Lori Engler and Molly Garyantes (Troop 65306) contributed to ongoing historic preservation efforts in Warren by restoring the cow barn behind the Codington House. The girls scraped and painted the barn inside and out and refinished the floor.  They also created a historical display of farm implements, with labels naming and describing the tools.    
Annette Vogel (Troop 65306) discovered that the library at a Bound Brook elementary school consisted only of two large carts of books.  To improve access to books there, she worked with one of the 1st grade teachers to create a reading nook with colorful pillows and a hand-painted bookshelf.  She also collected nearly 500 books from 1st graders at ALT Elementary school and parishioners at Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church, all of which were donated to the school in Bound Brook. 
Bronze Awards – Earned by Warren Girl Scouts June 2012-June 2013
Troop 65512
Project #1:  Girls researched habitat of local Warren birds.  They then built and placed bird houses around Dealman Pond.
Sarah Bruno
Elizabeth Wilcenski
Alysa  Dubas
Alice Chi 
Project #2:  Girls taught younger Scouts how to go on a hike and hiked with them.  They also built and placed bird feeders around Camp Hoover.
 Celine Chu
Lindsay DeCavaignac
Mia Hagel
Roopa Irakam
Kendall Tercheck
Lauren Eknoian
Gina Fiacco
Chloe Rebelo
 Lara Yildirimaz 
Project #3: Girls taught younger Scouts about how animals take care of themselves and how girls should take care of themselves.  They also built and placed bird feeders around Camp Hoover.
Francesca Holl
Deepa Irakam   
Leah Postol        
Teresa Rotolo   
Jessica Young     
Troop 65304 
With a donation of beautiful beads, girls designed bracelets for the women at the Chelsea in Warren. They planned and led an event where they taught younger Scouts to make the bracelets, and together they made enough for the residents.   Bracelets and homemade cookies were presented to the women at the Chelsea on Valentine’s Day.  
Catherine Niemeyer
Megan Vetter
Brianna Vetter
Elisabeth Morris
Christina Porcelli
Andrea Rica
Kendyl Messarosh
Ariana Stoddard
Sydney Brewster
Megan Gerges
Elizabeth Nuzzi
Elizabeth Askin
Jamie Linton 
Troop 65900
The girls worked with Operation Shoebox NJ, which provides our troops stationed overseas with “goodie” packages from home.  They manned collections at local supermarkets, attended shoebox packing events, and organized a collection at ALT school where the class collecting the most items won an ice cream party. 
Emily Bisci
Alia Bu
Brenna Van Skiver
Rebecca Sendon
Elizabeth Bruno
Brittany LaFace
Zoe Mastromihalis
Arianna Valenti
Kelly Fitzgerald
Francesca Minervini