WARREN, NJ - A large black bear was seen crossing Route 78 this afternoon between exits 40 and 36. The bear was later seen off of Reinman Road.

Bears were spotted over the weekend in Berkeley Heights, Plainfield, and Watchung. 

Plainfield Police shot and killed a large black bear Sunday morning after it ran into the yard of a home that was hosting a garage sale. On Saturday, Watchung police warned residents that they received multiple calls about a black bear sighting in the area of Bayberry Lane.Authorities have not confirmed if this was the same bear.

According to New Jersey Fish and Wildlife, if you encounter a bear you should make it aware of your presence by speaking in an assertive voice, singing, clapping your hands or making other noises. Avoid direct eye contact, which may be perceived by a bear as a challenge. Never run from a bear. Instead, slowly back away.