BrightView Warren Senior Living and Home Care Assistance are partnering to co-host a  "Mind Fit" event this summer to help older adults boost their brain health.  This fun and informative event will focus on enhancing brain health through various lifestyle factors, including cognitive activities used in Home Care Assistance's proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ (CTM).  The programs will be led by Kevin McClarren of Home Care Assistance, who is an expert in CTM. 


The "Mind Fit Series: Activities to Boost Brain Health" will cover proactive ways to enhance cognitive functioning, including activities used in CTM, a science-based cognitive stimulation program.  The event, which be held on Friday, June 30th from 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM at Brightview Warren Senior Living. The Brightview Warren is located at 57 Mt. Bethel road, Warren, NJ.  Due to limited space, reservations are required at 908.668.8200.


"I am really looking forward to launching the "Mind Fit Event" at Brightview," noted Kevin McClarren, Cognitive Therapeutics Expert at Home Care Assistance.  "Feedback from the event attendees in other parts of New Jersey and across the United States has been overwhelmingly positive with participants reporting that they not only thoroughly enjoyed the various activities, but also felt that their minds were challenged in a positive manner."  Kevin McClarren has more than 12 years of experience working in the cognitive health field.  His team also provides one-on-one activities in the home environment to keep his clients active and mentally sharp.

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Just like the body, the brain experiences changes in structure and function as a result of aging.  While this is typical for everyone, there are positive lifestyle changes that can be made to prolong the sharpness of your mind.  The "Mind Fit Event" draws upon existing research on enhancing mental acuity throughout the lifespan and introduces activities in a fun and engaging group format.


Some of the topics to be covered at the event: 

- Overall Fitness for Your Mind

- Improving Your Executive Functioning and Memory

- Enhance your Attention and Language