On December 7, 2012,  I filed for divorce in New Jersey from my husband of 24 years, Sean McGee. I put my husband through college at age 30 and supported his career throughout our marriage, while being a stay at home mom for 17 years.  To advance his career, in August 2011, we moved to Tokyo. As many of you know it was a temporary move, 2-3 years. The kids were hesitant to leave & anxious to come back.

During our time in Tokyo our marriage unfortunately broke down. It was declining before we left and it got much worse being in another country with no family. Everything really started to deteriorate .We had spoken of divorce the first year and by the time I got back to Tokyo in September 2012 with the kids after a trip home, it was horrific. That December the plan was for the entire family to move back home. Sean withdrew the children from school , stood up in front of 100 people at our church and told them we were all coming home. He also had movers from his company estimate our return back to the US. However, at the last minute Sean changed his mind and decided he wanted to stay in Tokyo. After Sean threatened me with false allegations, I was told by my lawyers in NJ, my priest in Tokyo, and by the US embassy to leave Tokyo with the children immediately.

However without my knowledge they were promised a trip of a lifetime to Thailand by their father if they stayed in Tokyo. I was only able to bring Megan home that December. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Sean had cut me off from all money & credit cards, so I had no choice but to leave to look for assistance in the states. In Japan there is NO ALIMONY  and there is NO SHARED CUSTODY  of the children, that’s why in January 2013 Sean filed for divorce in Tokyo. We are still waiting after almost 9 months for a decision to be made on jurisdiction in the NJ courts(where the divorce will take place).  We had 8 days in court in NJ throughout this summer. Sean testified we were never ever planning to return to the USA. We own a home, 2 cars, all our money was in NJ, and we left an entire basement, garage, shed, and certain rooms in our house full of our personal belongings.

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Please take some time to look at the kids videos and the info on parental alienation.  Since I filed for divorce and left Tokyo Sean has alienated our children from me. Anyone who knows me knows that I was the parent who would do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING for her kids. And I still am. I’m looking for your thoughts, prayers, contacts & most of all ideas on how to get my kids home.




Diane McGee