Meeting residents in person, being invited into their homes, and getting to know neighbors more by canvassing has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences.  Come Election Day, Win or Lose, I will treasure meeting everyone, including those I spoke with over the phone.  

To those whose doors I have not yet reached, or phones I have not yet called, please let me know your concerns by emailing me at or visiting either my website or my Facebook page at  I want to reach out to all the residents to listen to their concerns and be that responsive “independent voice” that advocates and addresses thoseconcerns.  I am a sixteen-year resident who values our community’s safety, education, fair development and fiscal prudence, that will work to apply my problems solving and legal advocacy skills regarding our town’s matters.  I will bring “Fresh ideas” and promote “Inclusiveness” and “Transparency”in our government.  It would be a privilege to serve our residents on the Township Committee, and I humbly ask you for your vote this Tuesday, November 7th.    

While I originally expected to canvass for only a few hours on my first day, I found myself knocking on doors for many more because it was so gratifying.  Being able to meet and speak to so many people, from people walking their dogs to the guy beautifying his yard by putting down mulch, was a truly wonderful experience.   Canvassing provides one with unique insights you cannot glean from reading the local newspaper orvarious social media forums.  I knocked on every door, even meeting residents that were not eligible to vote. Some residents really appreciated my campaign visit and emphasized how no one ever comes to their front door. I met an amazingly maturefourteen-year old young lady that volunteered to help on my campaign, a father tutoring his daughter with her civics homework, and amazing senior citizens who shared their wisdom and history.   I heard plenty of recurring issues like property taxes, development/traffic, roads, namely streets not being resurfaced in years, the quality of pot hole repairs and the timeliness of snow removal.  A number of residents expressed a desire for our town to be more walker and biker friendly.  Others were concerned about affordable housing, historical preservation, future use of the old municipal building, the environment, open space and better communications by our Township Committee on issues like the East County Park.  

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Sometimes the issue was obvious upon arrival.  This uproar in Greenwood Meadows over the mini-cell towers was made obvious by the abundance of lawn signs in front of many homes which compelled to research the ordinance, and to ask our township committee, at its October 5th meeting, for their position and support of the residents of Greenwood Meadows.  Interestingly, Verizon withdrew their application to install the mini-cell towers in three Greenwood Meadows locations that had been pending before the Zoning Board of Adjustment in late October.  Credit goes to the residents who hired their own attorney to oppose the mini-cell towers, but I was glad to be able to bring more attention about this issue to the governing body.  Another time, the issue was obvious when I knocked on a resident’s door that had just returned home on a rainy day.  He retrieved a package from the soaking rain that had been delivered by the United States Postal Service.  He affirmed my advocating postal improvements given the delivery person chose not leave his package under the cover of the front door overhang.  

Speaking face-to-face with residents puts these concerns into perspective, allowing me to truly appreciate how their lives are truly impacted and how passionate they are.  The common issues, concerns, and goals that bind our community help me to empathize and continue to motivate me to work for the betterment of our town and all its residents.  

I would like to thank all the supporters who have encouraged me, the volunteers who have helped in so many ways, and especially my wife who was the “trooper” that stood by my side, and even my mom whose strength and determination serves as an inspiration to me.  I also want to thank those residents that took the time to speak with me and share their concerns and our community volunteers whose efforts help make Warren the town it is.    

In closing, I would like to share a photo that I took of a sign one resident displayed outside their front door, as it epitomizes the inclusiveness that I support in listening to, and advocating for,all of our residents to make a better Warren.  I again humbly ask you your vote on Tuesday, November 7th.