WARREN, NJ - For the past fifteen years, Woodland School first graders have experienced an egg-citing, hands-on learning opportunity. First grade teachers, Anita Brower and Dorothy Stolfi, were able to coordinate efforts and bring the farm to school for these youngsters. Thanks to funding from the Warren Lions Club, students participated in the Quiver Farm Chick Hatching Project.  
Beginning March 16, Farmer Eric brought two incubators with twelve candled eggs in each, to Woodland School. He explained that students were responsible to turn the eggs three times a day, ensure a 99.5 degree temperature and keep the incubators humid. The waiting was the hardest part. As they left school on March 20, the first day of spring (although the snow was falling), students were already excited to return the following Monday in anticipation of the hatching. By March 24, the chicks had emerged.  Students recorded their observations in journals and cared for the chicks in brooder boxes, feeding them seed, giving them water, and providing layers of wood chips.
Subsequently, their teachers connected the students’ experience not only to the science curriculum, but to reading and writing activities as well. Warren Township Schools… Shining Brighter Every Day!