MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ - For those wondering if the 30 horses that escaped from the Watchung Stables were "released" by vandals, not to worry, they weren't.

A spokesperson for Union County said the horses were in the outdoor paddocks when they "were spooked by coyotes." Apparently, one of the horses "knocked down a rail on the split rail fence and went through the fence," he said. The escape took place about 8:40 p.m.

The horses were rounded up in 20 to 30 minutes and only one horse had any injuries, and that was "a minor injury to its foot," which is being treated, according to the spokesperson..

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The entire staff of the stables was available to help round up the horses as well as police officers from Mountainside, Springfield, Berkeley Heights, and the County Police Department and other county employees.

Despite last night's "escape"  there are no plans to change any of the procedures, according to officials.

The Watchung Stables are located within the Watchung Reservation and have been owned and operated by Union County since 1933.