WARREN, NJ - Celebrate NJ! developed a “CRUNCH Bunch” opportunity for students in grades K-5 that Kindergarten teacher Andrea McGuire read about and then brought to the attention of her Central School colleague, Heath/PE teacher Laura Lamson. 
The goal of Celebrate NJ! is to inspire New Jersey residents of all ages, by educating, informing and engaging them in positive conversations about our home state and to be Jersey proud. 
This particular “CRUNCH Bunch” opportunity was a writing contest geared towards promoting safety, nutrition, and health. Students were asked to design a creative piece focused on an aspect of healthy living such as exercise, balanced eating, bike safety, etc.
 Lamson decided to participate as the lead teacher, with the support of many coworkers backing the project, including the entire 3rd grade team. It was planned that each 3rd grade class would concentrate on a specific component. They chose the following: a class poem, a healthy cookbook and a song.

The process focused on teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration, while engaging students’ creativity, public speaking, and writing skills. The educators aligned lessons with Core Curriculum Content Standards involving wellness, movement, research, art and music.
 Lyndsay Carroll's class worked to brainstorm rhyming lines for the class poem, while keeping to the theme. They then went to Art where they crafted the poem on a huge poster with numerous illustrations thanks to the assistance of Art teacher Becky Davenport.
 Nicole Evins’ class worked with Lindsay Chell and Danielle Porchetta, Library Media Specialist and Computer teacher respectively, to research, type, and illustrate their cookbook.
 Lisa Scherzer's class took a musical approach from Music teacher Jenny Kaniuka to use the hokey pokey tune and write original song lyrics. Students titled their song "The Great Food Plate" and incorporated pictures of the different food groups as well as a skit.
 World Language teacher, Hildy Jackson assisted in videotaping the song and downloaded all students’ work to celebratenj.org. There was also assistance from many other Warren staff including Jane Auriemma, Alexis Sacks, Carmella Motyczka, and Principal Janet Milita. 
“I am pleased that the students at Central School are taking ownership over their own health and fitness, and I look forward to hearing how this important initiative sparked them to positively influence their families and friends going forward,” remarked Superintendent Dr. Tami Crader.
These three 3rd grade classes were notified in February that they were selected to collectively receive top prize.
Students were awarded a school-wide assembly with teaching artists from George Street Playhouse as well as shirts and a plaque. Additionally, they have been invited to a celebratory event at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. The district is proud of their work and dedication. This is another example of Warren Township Schools… Shining Brighter Every Day.