WARREN, NJ – Teachers, administrators and students at Watchung Hills Regional High School (WHRHS) will be competing for top prizes at the 2017 Dancing With the Teachers dance competition at 7 p.m., Monday, June 12, at the school’s Performing Arts Center.

Admission is $5, and the event is a fundraiser to support the Cruz Family. Last Fall, beloved WHRHS Spanish Teacher and Soccer and Track Coach Juan Carlos Cruz died unexpectedly, leaving behind a wife and infant child. The public is invited to attend.

Choreographers for the event are WHRHS student members of the school’s Dance Ensemble, who received acclaim at the 2017 Dance Concert, May 18 and 19. The ensemble will be interspersing several of the numbers from the Dance Concert at Dancing With the Teachers, including “Dear Cruz”, a number dedicated to the late coach and teacher.

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Coordinating the event are WHRHS Dance Teacher AnnandaCarmody, WHRHS English Teacher Laura Goodson and WHRHS History, Government and Politics Teacher Rebecca Brown.

“Ms. Goodson, Ms. Brown and myself, as well as the student choreographers, have met with the teachers and students who are participating in Dancing With the Teachers during lunch or after school to teach and rehearse the dances,” said Carmody. “The Dance Ensemble students will be performing a dance dedicatedto Cruz. Many students, clubs, and sport teams are participating in this event.”

Among the administrators and teachers who plan to participate in Dancing With the Teachers are:  From the administration, Principal George Alexis, Superintendent Elizabeth Jewett, Business Administrator Tim Stys, and Main Office SecretaryPam Sasso. Among the teachers are: Amita Lluveres, Maureen Kelly, Carol Landa, Goodness Herarra, Dorian Papianni, Susan Mackay, Cara Yuknis, Rebecca Brown, Spenser Brenn, Kristin Mannion, Leigh Brodsky, Lina Cifuentes, Patti Grunther, TyanaTruong, Dan Root, Jacqueline Guilliam, Colleen Roan, Lisa Scherzer, Ken Karnas, Greg O'Reilly, Roy Bumiller, Sean New, Dan Larkins, Amy Elliot, Chris Kirby, Brian Brown, Matt Dellabovi, Sal Fazzino, Courtney Griffith, Jordyn Back, Lauren Gottieb, Fran Hernandez, Tara Miles, Trish Godon, Michelle Germinario, Maggie Vioette-Birnberg, Heather Farrington, Angela DiIorio Bird, Kathleen Finnegan, Laura Goodson, and Craig Tuma. 

There will be three judges at the event: Gillian Crisman, Chelsea Seidenberg, and Annanda Carmody.

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and teams will also be awarded with the following awards: Most Daring, Most Creative, Most Dramatic, Most Comical, Most Awkward, and Best Costume.