WARREN, NJ - Fifth grade science students took part in an egg-citing science experiment at Woodland School last week.  Students in Gina Cocivera-Wright's classes were challenged to create protective carriers that would secure eggs; the goal was to have them remain intact during an egg drop from ​20 feet high. 
The young scientists had to weigh many factors to creatively solve this scenario. In class, students studied gravity and Sir Issac Newton.  At home, families were involved in the trial and error process, brainstorming a variety of materials that might aid in the construction. Library Media Specialist Kate Zaleski also added to the fun by reading related books to the children leading up to the big day.  
On December 18, Principal Heaney dropped each egg off ​of ​the Woodland School roof. The children learned just as much from what did work, as from what did not.