WARREN, NJ - Whether deciding on Spirit Day wear, a new fifth grade math lesson or a special cause to support throughout the year, Warren Township elementary students across the district received a timely civics lesson on Nov. 8 while exercising their right and responsibility to vote.

“As adults, we get to vote for the next president,” said Woodland School principal Jeffrey Heaney to a class of kindergartners lined up and ready to vote. “That’s important. We get a say in who is going to lead our country. In some countries, they don’t get a say.”

At Woodland, where the hypothetical candidate was the Cat in the Hat, K-5 students were asked to choose between the candidate’s political platforms on the environment (as espoused by “The Lorax”), kindness (as outlined by “Horton Hears a Who”), fighting hunger (as championed in “Green Eggs and Ham”) or education (as supported by “The Cat in the Hat”).

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“These are all very worthy causes,” said Heaney, who says future events/activities will be built around the winning cause.

Central School students were offered themed choices for a future Spirit Day (Safari Day, Disney Day, Book Character Day or 1980s Day), while K-5 students at Mt. Horeb School voted on whether to don formal wear, career clothing, or to dress like a teacher. Mt. Horeb voters also got to choose between whether to have Principal Scott Cook switch jobs with Head Day Custodian Christopher Grundman or to have both of them sing and entertain the student body.

At Angelo L. Tomaso School, fifth graders decided on a new “math center” as part of a future math lesson.

“They had three options for which to cast their vote,” said Grade 5 math teacher Amanda Gordon. “They were proud and felt good that they contributed to a class decision.”


PHOTO #1: Woodland School first grader Logan Mayerchak exits a “voting booth” (made out of PVC pipe and canvas drop cloths) on Nov. 8.
PHOTO #2: Mt. Horeb fifth grader and “poll worker” Luke Liberti helps first grader Nika Polyakov understand the ballot choices.

PHOTO #3: Second graders at Central vote on their choice of a themed Spirit Day. From left, Emily Zhang, Claire Wu, Mia Shrank.
PHOTO #4: ALT fifth graders Emma Clintock (L) and Ava Tommaso receive a timely civics lesson on Nov. 8.