Letter To The Editor: I would like to submit my endorsement of Rick de Pinho who is running for a seat on the Warren Township Committee in the upcoming election. I first met Rick in the Spring of 2017 when he introduced himself to me as a candidate for the Warren Township Committee at a locally held business coffee. My first impression of Rick was that this was someone who truly cares about Warren. Someone who wanted to actually put a personal stake in ending the vicious cycle of unopposed elections for seats on the Warren township Committee, elections that have been leading to apathy and low voter turnout among Warren residents. Someone who cares about Warren’s future as a rural small town in the face of the unfairly mandated Affordable Housing handed down by career politicians and their cronies from Trenton. Further conversations with Rick prove him to be a loving husband, a participating caretaker for his Mom who recently past, and a lover of life and of adventure. Even with a very full life Rick feels compelled to give back to his community. Rick ran a very successful campaign against the incumbents of the Warren Township committee in the 2017 election even though he did not win. Rick is running again now in the 2019 election because he truly believes Warren deserves better. Rick believes that for far too long Warren residents have been subjected to non-answers during committee meetings for straight forward asked questions. Rick believes in transparency in our local government, the inclusion of long-standing resident expertise and a hands-on approach to the issues that challenge our community. The business coffee in 2017 where I first met Rick and came to believe that there could be hope for a change in the way our township committee conducted business, was advertised and open to all of the Warren Township Committee candidates, both newcomers and incumbents but only the only one whose name will be on this November’s ballot, who cared enough to show up was Rick de Pinho. I will be voting for Rick this November 5th.

Brenda Doherty
4 Thoresen Rd
Warren, NJ 07059