This year, WBSI-Warren Babe Ruth League baseball is partnering with our neighboring towns to make fall baseball better than ever! Warren, Watchung, Green Brook, and possibly some other towns will combine forces and play in a combined Rec league.  Each town will register its own players and contribute its own teams.  The multi-town partnership will create an environment of more players and more teams.  A main benefit will be the ability to keep age ranges in the divisions tighter than we have in past years, thereby keeping ability levels more consistent within the teams.  We are very excited by the opportunity that this will provide to kids who want to play fall baseball but have in the past been nervous about having to face older pitchers, etc.
Details of the fall program are as follows:
Age - Divisions will be formed for players from age 7 through age 12.  There is also the possibility of an older 13/14 division if there is enough player interest.  Player ages are determined by the 2014 Babe Ruth age chart on the WBSI website.  Divisions will be established once we have combined counts in each age group.
Residence Eligibility - Players from Warren are eligible.  As in past fall seasons, players will also be accepted from other towns, though Watchung and Green Brook players should register through their own league programs.
Game Days - Games will be played on Friday nights and Saturday mornings/afternoons.

Game Locations - Fields will be determined based on the number of teams and players from each town.  It is expected that at least half of the games will be played at the Warren Municipal fields and it is possible that some games will be played at fields in our partner towns.
Season Dates - The season will begin Friday Sept. 13 and run through Saturday Oct. 26.
Cost - Early registration (up until August 4th) for all players is $120.00.  Registration for all players after August 4th is $150.00.  Registrations will be accepted through August 18th.
Please register early so that we can have the chance to set up the best blend of teams, etc. We are looking forward to the best season of fall baseball ever, and we look forward to another great inter-town experience for our players and families.