My name is Rick de Pinho and I am running as a first time candidate for the Warren Township Committee. My campaign is to bring Fresh ideas and a more Inclusive & Transparent approach to our government.  I am FIT to Serve Warren Township.

Please visit my website at for more inormation about me and my platform.  

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I have always had an interest in giving something back and serving the community.  The 2016 election season was polarizing and I became more attuned to current political events.  After attending various local meetings and town halls, I was motivated to serve our community and country. Combined with my taking time off from work to care for and spend time with my elderly mother, I decided that now was the time to serve my local town by running for Township Committee in Warren.

​I have lived here for over sixteen years with my wife Wendy and enjoy all that Warren has to offer; from its safety, excellent recreational options, community/country oriented nature to its proximity to NYC and the great number of diverse local restaurants and businesses.  I was born and raised in Newark, NJ by a single parent mother who devotedly worked for the Veterans Administration for forty years.  She instilled in me the importance of education, resilience and resourcefulness.  Although I grew up in a poor urban environment, I was fortunate to have a mother who sacrificed to send me to Seton Hall Prep which propelled me to graduate with honors as an engineer from New Jersey Institute of Technology (“NJIT”) and as a lawyer from Seton Hall Law School.  My upbringing taught me the value of education and the importance of sound financial management.  

I worked for the Port Authority of NY & NJ in various capacities in the Management & Budget, Engineering & Law Departments.  I taught as an adjunct professor both undergraduate and graduate level classes at NJIT while working full time.  I moved on to work with patents/high tech at a number of technology companies spanning Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs, Telcordia/Bellcore, LSI and Avago/Broadcom culminating in most recently working as a Senior Licensing Executive/Attorney negotiating multimillion dollar licensing agreements with conglomerate companies across the globe. 

My education as an engineer enhanced my natural problem solving skills plus my law school training enabled me to spot key issues and effectively advocate positions.  My varied work experience provided me with opportunities to travel throughout the world where I gained valuable cultural insights and appreciated diverse ideas and approaches.  I served as a volunteer on the NJIT Alumni Association Board for many years, including serving as President of the NJIT Alumni Association.  My various experiences have prepared me to be able to serve with a creative mind and to be flexible while working in a committee environment such as on Warren’s Township Committee.

My mantra is to be FIT to Serve our residents.  That means providing Fresh ideas and working for a more Inclusive & Transparent government.  I will provide the fresh ideas, diversity of thought, and bring a unique knowledgeable skill set that can further improve Warren Township.  I will work to be more inclusive by encouraging all of our residents to participate further and become more involved so as to enable us to utilize the rich and talented diversity our community has to offer and further enhance the quality of life in our town.  I believe government is supposed to serve the public and a transparent government is necessary to build trust.  Government transparency shows humility in our administration and allows for accountability.  I will increase transparency by improving the announcement of opportunities to be involved in our government and disseminating more educational information so our residents are able to participate more effectively in our Township's government.  I am fiscally conservative and will be a strong advocate to sound financial stewardship.  I will strive to be fair, independent and earn your trust if given the chance to serve the Township.   

I know first hand several issues that could be improved and have the skills to address the concerns facing our community.  I want to improve the consistency of electrical service, increase the quality and reliability of mail service, enhance snow removal on secondary roads, upgrade our emergency notification/reverse 911 capabilities, and utilize more renewable energy in our town.

In summary, I love Warren and want to make Warren the best town to live in.  I treasure hearing about the issues that concern our residents, from speeding concerns on local roads to cell towers.  Over the coming weeks I will provide updates on my canvassing with residents and more details about my goals.  I welcome the chance to understand and vet the many different concerns of our residents. I want to apply my skills and lessons learned during my upbringing to our Township’s issues.  While I will continue to canvass and take note of our residents’ concerns, I am always accessible and encourage you to e-mail me at  

Please also visit my website at for more inormation about me and my platform.  

Please also like and follow my Facebook page at and email me your concerns at   to learn more about me and my platform.