WARREN, NJ - Six vehicles, parked at local yoga studio on Mountain Boulevard, were forcibly entered and purses were removed on Saturday, February 4 according to a report released by the Warren Police on Monday.

The purses were left on the front seats of the vehicles all in plain view, police said.

The Warren Township Police are urging everyone to read and follow the below tips to "hopefully prevent you from becoming the next victim."

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Purses/wallets, personal electronics, vehicle valet keys, sunglasses, credit cards, cash, checkbooks and cell phones should NEVER be left inside your vehicle, especially in plain view. 

If you must leave such items in your vehicle we recommend you conceal and secure them properly, out of sight, in the trunk or rear cargo area. However we urge you not to leave them in the vehicle. 


Additionally, everyone should be aware that these vehicle burglaries often lead to other crimes such as fraud and identity theft.  We suggest you limit the amount of personal information you keep in your vehicle on a daily basis.    


"While we know nothing is 100% full proof, we feel that by taking these precautions you can substantially reduce the chance of being a victim of these types of crimes.   We are actively working with surrounding towns on these and other vehicle burglar investigations in the hopes of bringing the person(s) responsible to justice.  Criminals thrive on opportunity, DO NOT give them one," said Chief William Keane, Warren Township Police Department