WARREN, NJ - The Preschool classes at Mt. Horeb School had a visit from Swift Farms located in Milford, New Jersey.  The children met 25 chicks, nine bunnies, three lambs and three baby goats.  The children were able to hold and pet the animals, taking care to be gentle. This hands-on experience was exciting for the children and teachers alike. During this special visit, teachers were able to work on a variety of Preschool learning objectives such as building language skills. The youngsters identified what animals came to visit, what the animals eat, and sounds the animals make.  The children were eager to request seeing particular animals and practiced taking turns with their peers. 
After the visit, teachers Carol Keirstead and Tara Keller incorporated some follow-up lessons such as playing with toy farm animals, singing farm songs, reading animal books, and creating art with animal themed activities.  The children enjoyed learning and extending their knowledge about farm animals.
What was most exciting to see was how the children lit up when they saw the farm animals. There was a magic in the air that only these animals could inspire. 
Many thanks to the Mt. Horeb School PTO for donating the funds to make this educational event possible. The experience left many memories of a special day in Preschool. The children are still talking about, “the day the farm came to school!”