WARREN, NJ - Eighth graders at Warren Middle School were treated to a spooky lesson on polymers, sublimation, acids & bases and other scientific fun on Oct. 31.

“Welcome to our laboratory,” said Professor McCrusty, aka Carolyn McCloskey as she and the other members of the 8th grade science team staged their annual Halloween science show for the students. “We are your substitutes. We all traveled from Transylvania today.”

McCloskey, Kelly Brown, Michele Kraminitz and Christina Lee used seasonal props and lingo to illustrate physical and chemical properties and changes, including a carved pumpkin that spewed foam out of its mouth, nose and eyes when the teacher demonstrated an exothermic reaction using hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast, warm water and liquid dish soap.

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Photo Credit: Warren Township Schools

PHOTO #1: Warren Middle School science teachers Michele Kraminitz (L) and Kelly Brown have fun with 8th grader Megan McGee during a Halloween science lesson on Oct. 31.
PHOTO #2: Spooky props help to set the tone of a fun and educational Halloween 8th grade science lesson at Warren Middle School.

PHOTO #3: Warren Middle School science teacher Michele Kraminitz demonstrates chemical and physical properties and changes with the help of 8th grader Samantha Glass during a seasonal science lesson on Oct. 31.