During my tenure on the Board of Education, I have served in several capacities, such as working in the Finance, Curriculum, Policy, Personnel, Security, and Communications Committees, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for Somerset County Educational Services Commission (SCESC). 

I am most proud of my assistance in establishing an ongoing effort of innovating the district’s grading continuity across all schools while working in the curriculum committee.
Working in the communications committee, I helped establish our district Facebook page as a positive and informative way for parents and community members to learn about our schools. 
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During my participation in the security committee, we reviewed safety and security issues, which resulted in a security plan to make our schools more safe.
As a Board of Education member, one must be able to budget the tax dollars.  During my tenure on the board, we have addressed keeping facilities up to date, implemented technology, and have made Warren School district an attractive place in order to attract the best teachers.  We have done all this, even though last year’s tax levy was 1.3%, which falls below the state mandated cap of 2%.
Whenever I meet anyone from other districts, I receive compliments about what a wonderful district we have.  My work over the past three years as a board member has given me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.  I am proud to be a community member of Warren, and even more proud to be one of the board members who dedicates immense amount of time to help guide the district to “shine brighter every day.”
My running mates, Paige Albano and Andrea Freijomil, have a lengthy list of qualifications which I believe will enable them to function successfully as Board of Education Members.  I plan to address why I chose the “slate” as some like to refer to my campaign choice, tomorrow night at the “Meet the Candidates Forum.”  It takes place at 7:30, Sunday November 1 at Coddington Hall  located at 42 Liberty Corner Rd. in Warren.

In case anyone has missed all the letters of endorsement I, and my running mates have received, here is how each describes us along with a link to their letters:
Mick Marion & George Lazo:  “analytical approach to problem solving that is balanced with a fiscal responsibility” and “able to collaborate and work together”

Victor Sordillo:  “unique background that complements one another”
Gary DiNardo:  “Electing slate critical to children’s academic future”
Carolann Garafola:  “carefully and cautiously look at all the facts in terms of declining enrollment before a decision is made”  “They plan on increasing communication” “Their only agenda is to strengthen the Warren Schools”
Donald DiFrancesco:  “intelligent, resourceful women”


Wendy Piller:  “these three women have a long history of volunteerism and service to our community”
Mark Claxton:  “All are selfless givers”