This is my 3rd statement in the TAP and my prior statements outline my background, qualifications and certain areas where I believe I can serve to improve the Town and its governance. I invite you to review them.  


I appreciate all of the support I have received, as well as interest in this year’s Town Council race. But detailed awareness of the happenings in our Town, including this election contest, can be improved.  Unquestionably, Warren residents should have an opportunity to see and hear from the candidates in person and ask questions of them in the same open forum.  This is a common practice in many of our surrounding towns where challenges to incumbents may occur more frequently.   My written and eventual follow-up phone call request to the incumbents for a Candidates Forum has remained unanswered.  I was told that it needed to be discussed with their Campaign Committee, and the Campaign Committee would get back to me. It shouldn't be a difficult decision by the incumbents to themselves decide and readily agree to a candidate’s forum.  I wait to hear from them (the Campaign Committee), or the candidates themselves. 


This is emblematic of an issue I seek to change.  I desire more transparency and openness with the public.  I will ensure our community is made aware of opportunities to serve on government subcommittees and commissions, and that the selection process is open, as well. It's one thing to disclose information in public meetings, or through a maze of various board meetings in order to meet compliance with the law, such as what’s been happening with respect to affordable housing.   But my way will be to affirmatively do more than that.  As a member of the Town Council, I will encourage us to reach out to the community in a variety of ways and explain what the Council is considering doing, so input can be received and issues like the East County Park and Mini-cell Towers might havebeen alleviated.  

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While more robust disclosure on certain issues is done occasionally, it should become engrained as a commonpractice.  Governing this way shows humility in administering and fully appreciating the serious responsibility of sitting in such a role and making decisions that will affect our neighbors.  Such a role requires empathy and forethought. I am prepared for this role because I am (and will be) continuously mindful that the Committee’s decisions, and non-decisions, can impact our town’s residents, and it is not enough to react after-the-fact after residents voice concern.  


Please go to my web-page, Facebook page or simply contact me at for more information, and to voice your concerns.