To the Editor:

Think about the things that matter to you most.  It is probably your family, home and bottom line.  Now think about what group of people have some of the greatest impact on those things.  No, not the people in D.C or Trenton.  The people you should be thinking about are right here in Warren, it’s our Township Committee.   They impact you every time you open your tax bill only to see it has gone up yet again, while they hand out tax abatements to developers.  They impact you by keeping silent and not seeking your input, as they make plans to build over 1000 affordable housing units in our neighborhoods. Plans that will surely impact our property values. They impact you when they choose not to address serious problems with traffic, overburdened services or local environmental issues, but instead give a green light to one development project after another.

Now I want you to think about an alternative to just more of the same from the Warren Township Committee.  Rick DePinho is an independent voice, he does not answer to a political machine, but he will answer to you.  And he is no friend to developers.  Rick is a long-time resident of Warren who wants to put a stop to the cycle of development and lack of transparency that has been the norm for so many years.  Rick will shine a light on the closed-door dealing, and he will keep you informed.  He will listen to your concerns and be a voice for you, when they won’t listen.  He will fight to lower our taxes and work to ensure the best quality of life for our residents.  I know Rick and he his sole interest is to serve the residents of Warren.  I am voting for an independent Rick DePinho and I urge you to do the same.

Gerard Randolph, Resident - Warren Township