WARREN, NJ - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's .....  On Friday, the Warren Police coordinated the K-9 unit along with a New Jersey State Police helicopter and SWAT truck to visit the Warren Recreation run Teen Camp.  

The teens were thrilled to meet Officer Brian Horst and K9 Onyx, see the SWAT "Bear" vehicle, and get blown away by the NJSP helicopter. The teens were able to see inside the K9 police car, one of Warren Township's fire trucks, the helicopter and the Bear. 

Jake said, " It was really cool. When the helicopter was landing, the wind blew the bleachers over!"

Zach added, "Onyx is really playful. I didn't expect him to be playful. And the Bear is cool. They said that it's so thick, when a 50 caliber bullet hits, it sounds like an acorn hitting it!"