Lasting Weight Loss Requires Regular Exercise and Proper Nutrition

Dieting will get your weight loss started, but exercise will fire up your metabolism to keep the scale moving in the right direction and ensure you are losing the right kind of weight.

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Let Get In Shape For Women help you get off to a great start to hit your health and weight loss goals.  Here is some information to help you get started:

  • Set a Goal: Determine what you would like to achieve.  Before you can get there, setting a goal will provide you with a roadmap for your journey. We will help you create and customize this roadmap.
  • Schedule Your Workout in Pen: Women lead very busy lives. If you schedule your workouts in advance, there is a much greater chance you will show up. Sometimes the hardest part of working out is just getting to the gym. Scheduling your workouts will solve that problem and you will be much happier knowing that you set aside time to take care of your health.
  • Accountability: Being held accountable to someone other than you is important. When you schedule a workout with us, your personal trainer will be waiting for you. Knowing this will provide that extra encouragement needed to come to your workouts.  Being weighed in and measured on a regular basis also serves as an incentive to stick to your nutrition plan and workouts.
  • Our Studio: Finding the proper facility is essential for your success. Our personal trainers will show you a variety of exercises along with proper form, correct weight and provide motivation to make it a tough but enjoyable hour. Our trainers design workouts specific to each person, as everyone has different goals.
  • Small Group Training: We provide training in groups of up to 4 women with 1 personal trainer.  This provides a very affordable personal training workout. In addition, being part of a group provides even more motivation to show up for your workouts.
  • The Workout: Each workout should consist of both weight training and high intensity interval cardio training. This is what we do at Get In Shape For Women.  This allows your body to burn fat while building feminine muscle, which will drastically change the way your body looks, and the way you feel. 
  • Nutrition: Eating properly goes hand in hand with exercising. We will assist you in creating and following a nutrition plan that works for you and is simple to follow. In short, you should be advised of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. We also have a certified nutritionist on staff to assist with your special needs.

Get In Shape For Women helps women with all of the above. We have clients who have lost over 100 lbs and those who are marathon runners who just want to get in the best shapes of their lives. Get In Shape For Woman has developed a positive culture in our private, upscale studio that encourages success. If we sound like something you have been looking for, call us at 908-834-8240 to schedule your free session. When you visit, be sure to check out our wall of fame of “before and after” pictures and you can see how successful our program has been to other women in your community.  

Pictured: Rochelle M, age 52 is one of our clients who has lost 27.5 pounds and 13.6% body fat!  Read on for her testimonial:

“I am more confident and excited that I set a goal and I achieved it!  I needed all components of the program to be successful: cardio, strength training, nutrition and accountability.”