Time was, New Jersey residents could at least count on their elected representatives to be good stewards of their funds they paid in taxes:  to maintain their roads, their obligations, and their air and water.  Those times are long gone.  For close to three decades, administrations of all political stripes have hedged here, and borrowed there, and put the state on a depressing downward spiral, with members of the legislature unwilling or unable to reverse its course.  Little wonder that the New Jersey voter feels disenfranchised this election cycle.         

Last week I had the good fortune to hear Jill LaZare speak at a forum for candidates for the State Legislature.  Ms. LaZare’s presentation in support of her candidacy for State Senate from the 21st District was impressive on a couple of levels:  not only did her views on fiscal and social issues mostly align with mine, but she also exhibited a personal passion which is noticeably lacking in our legislative incumbents.  She understands that we have no time for posturing or maneuvering in our legislature; positive action with measurable results is the only path out of the current morass.  

Jill is asking for the opportunity to lead that charge in the Senate on behalf of our District.  It is not a glamorous position that she is seeking; I’m guessing it entails a ton of time, at the expense of family and career, with not a whole lot of immediate results.  I respect that promise of personal investment on our behalf.

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Jill LaZare offers a lifetime of experience as an attorney, a parent, a community leader, and a New Jersey resident.  Even more importantly, she brings a receptive ear and a boatload of passion and energy along with her.  My 25+ years in project management have taught me that yes, proper planning and resource allocation are critical to the success of a project… but the type of commitment and drive that Jill brings along is often the key driver to ensuring success.

When someone brings such tools and experience to my team, along with a burning desire to take ownership, my instincts tell me to afford that person the opportunity to do just that.  I hope you will join me on Election Day in affording Jill LaZare the opportunity to serve us in the State Senate.  



Bob Conley