We are writing to reach out to the citizens of Warren Township to express our support of Paige Albano, Andrea Freijomil, and Desiree DeNourie (P-A-D) for the three open seats on Warren’s Board of Education (K-8).  We have met with all three candidates, and they each offer a unique perspective and independent approach, while they share a deep love for our community.  In particular, we have known Andrea and her family for many years and have seen firsthand her dedication and the value she has provided to our Town through her many volunteer activities.  What, perhaps, has impressed us most about these candidates is their analytical approach to problem solving that is balanced with a fiscal responsibility that will benefit the entire community.  They really understand the needs of the community, our schools, and our children and how to work together to get the job done.  As most of you know, we (Mick and George) have been running mates in the last two elections for Township Committee.  It takes certain types of individuals to be able to do that as one needs to respect the other’s differing opinions on and approaches to issues, while being able to collaborate and work together for the better good of our Township.  We see those same type of qualities in these three candidates, who have a lot to offer to our Board of Education.  In fact, we are lucky to have such qualified individuals willing to volunteer their time to help our Town and children.  We hope you do not miss this opportunity to strengthen our Board of Education and will join us on Nov. 3rd in voting for P-A-D!
Mick Marion
George Lazo
Warren Residents