To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the press release that you published, apparently verbatim, from the County GOP entitled:  

Dead Men Cast No Votes: Somerset County Republicans Debut Aggressive New Tech Program to Flag Phantom Ballots

This is outright fear mongering by the Republicans who are supporting Donald Trump's efforts to foment people's fears of a fraudulent election. Yes there will be ballots sent to people who have moved or have died. Does this present a threat to an accurate count? NO!!!!! 

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If a "phantom ballot" is returned it should be caught by the signature verification system on the certification envelope--just as it would be if someone showed up in person at a polling place impersonating a deceased voter, or one who moved. 
Shame on the Republican county leadership for implying that they are going to somehow heroically prevent the election from being fraudulent. That is the job of the Board of Elections as it always has been as a routine part of the voting process. 
At the very least I would expect Tap Into Warren to investigate and write an article clarifying this obvious attempt to distort the election process by the Republicans.


Georgia J. Fisanick

5 Sunrise Drive

Warren NJ 07059