WARREN, NJ - A lightning strike during Monday's storm has affected computers and the phone system at the Warren Municipal Building.
The Municipal Building at 46 Mountain Blvd. in Warren Township was struck by lightning on Monday, July 18 at approximately 4 p.m. when a severe thunderstorm battered the area. Nine computers were affected, six which need new network interface cards and three that were completely destroyed.  
The phone system was seriously affected. Repairs began Tuesday morning and will continue until Thursday morning, when parts will be available. The municipal building is very vulnerable to lightning strikes that cause damage due to the old wiring in the building.  The last serious strike was in June 2014 when several computers, police radios and the phone system were affected.
Citizens trying to reach the Municipal Court are advised to send an email directly to that person via the township website at: warrennj.org.

The court is expected to have phones after 11 a.m. Thursday morning.
If residents have tried to call the municipality, this is the cause for not receiving an answer or a voicemail for various extensions.
The Emergency 911 number to Dispatch is not affected, and residents are able to reach most municipal building departments by dialing (908) 753-8000.