MILLINGTON, NJ - The Long Hill Township Police issued a statement today, Feb. 20, about the unauthorized solicitation of funds for the family of missing  man, David Bird.

From the Long Hill Township Police, "It has come to our attention that the following website link,, has been circulating, soliciting funds for the family of missing Millington resident, David Bird. In speaking with the Bird family, this is an unauthorized solicitation and the creator of this link has been messaged to remove it immediately."

Long Hill resident David Bird disappeared without a trace on Jan. 11. 

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The Long Hill Township Police said in an update Jan. 29 that patrol units from the Long Hill Township Police Department are retracing their steps searching the edges of the roadways in their patrol vehicles. These areas include but are not limited to regions that Bird was accustomed to traveling. Units are looking for signs of an unreported motor vehicle crash, including debris from a vehicle, skid marks, disturbed ground and items identifying Bird.
Snowy weather and freezing temperatures have made the K9 search difficult.

Bird was last seen leaving his home in Long Hill Township on Jan. 11 when he told his wife he was going for a walk before an expected rain storm. He left his cell phone at home, charging, as well as daily medication he takes following a liver  transplant.  
Bird's sister-in-law issued a televised plea for his return. 
"I just hope that somebody somewhere knows something, remembers something, saw something," Bird's sister-in-law, Chris Fleming, told Fox News on Monday. "We have no clues. It's just like he vanished."
The community has been praying for his safe return and is remaining optimistic that "no news, is good news."