WESTFIELD, NJ — The true-life lawsuit over disturbing letters sent to Westfield homeowners, signed “The Watcher,” is generating interest from some of Hollywood’s biggest studios, according to reports.

According to  “The Tracking Board—Hollywood’s Insider Information,” “Sources confirm that interest is swelling and the project is taking shape at the likes of Blumhouse Productions, Dimension Films, New Line Cinema, and Universal.”

“Well, that didn’t take long did it?” wrote CINEMABLEND.

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What would the movie be about? Though excerpts from letters included in lawsuit filed by the home’s new owners against the people who sold it to them claim that the home “has been the subject of my family for decades,” Westfield Police Chief David Wayman told TAP into Westfield last week that the department has just three letters from “The Watcher” in evidence — all from the buyers, and all sent about a year ago. There have been no reports of any actual harm to anyone in the home by “The Watcher.”

That hasn’t stopped the “creepy” letters, which refer to the family’s children as “young bloods,” from gripping imaginations, with some news organizations reporting that the family was forced to flee their home in terror. (According to the lawsuit, the buyers were so concerned for their safety that they never moved in.)

Meanwhile, experts are debating who would be the best choice to helm the film.

“No matter where it ends up, the eerie story is ripe for a film adaptation, following in the footsteps of classics like The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” according to “The Tracking Board.”