WARREN,  NJ - Until recently it was a hidden question on the ballot for the election.  If it were a person, Public Question No. 2 may have developed a complex about being disregarded while voters paid attention to the Presidential election.  Now that it has received attention, voters have received mixed messages from the Republican Party about the issue.

If approved, Question Two would dedicate the taxes on gas and motor fuels in New Jersey to transportation projects. It would also authorize $12 billion in bonding to fund transportation infrastructure projects.

In the week leading up to the General Election, the New Jersey Republican State Committee has advocated for a yes vote on Question Two.  As part of its campaign, the state party sent two mail pieces to Republicans.  In the second of those two mail pieces, the state party argued "Conservative Leaders Agree: Vote Yes on Public Question 2," citing an endorsement of the yes vote by conservative group Americans for Tax Reform.

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Not all conservatives agree with the Americans for Tax Reform. State Senator Mike Doherty is an outspoken conservative who represents Bedminster and Peapack-Gladstone in the legislature. In a public statement, Senator Doherty said, “I believe the passage of Public Question #2 would give the state the green light to add $12 billion in new debt. Our state is in the fiscal hole it’s in because we keep borrowing for things we can’t afford, when we really should be tightening our belts.”

Doherty goes on to urge voters to send Governor Chris Christie and legislative leaders a message "that New Jerseyans want them to address the out-of-control cost of our transportation projects."

Public Question 2 is on the ballot statewide in New Jersey. The polls open Tuesday morning at 6am and close at 8 p.m.