WARREN, NJ - PARCC testing was postponed in Warren this morning because the online testing service failed throughout New Jersey. 

Pearson, the testing service provider, has told the districts that it is working to resolve the issue. 

In an email to Watchung Hills parents the message is, "If the service is available this afternoon, we will conduct Algebra 1 testing. The 10th-grade English language arts testing will continue tomorrow morning."

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In Warren Township Schools, William Kimmick Curriculum Coordinator said in an email, "This outage occurred prior to Warren Grade 3 students beginning today’s assessment. A decision was made to suspend the administration of PARCC for our Grade 3 students until the outage is resolved by the State Department of Education and PARCC.

"Up until this point, Grade 3, 4 and 5 students have been able to access the online exams without any difficulty and testing has run smoothly in each of the four elementary schools. Once we are confident that the PARCC management site is operating properly, we will resume the online assessments making every effort to maintain our published assessment schedule."

The NJDOE released a statement that said, "We understand that in many districts students are unable to access the PARCC assessments due to issues with the Pearson Access Next (PAN) system. We are working with Pearson to address this issue.

All testing today must be completed by 1 PM ET. Between now and 1PM ET, if you are currently testing, please continue to do so. For instance, 11:30 AM ET would be the latest time to start a new testing unit. If you have not started testing due to aforementioned complications, we advise you to send students back to the classroom.
If you have student authorization tickets already printed but are unable to start and unlock units, please contact Pearson Customer Support to have them perform this function for you.
PARCC Customer Support
·         1-888-493-9888
·         parcc@support.pearson.com
Pearson will be working on the problem between 1 and 4PM ET today. During this time, PAN will be unavailable and please do not login. Pearson and NJDOE will work this evening to ensure the system is in optimum state prior to testing beginning tomorrow morning. We will provide updates later this afternoon on the status of testing.
We sincerely apologize and we are doing everything possible to get the system back up." Peter Shulman
Deputy Commissioner
According to an email bulletin sent from Pearson,  “PearsonAccessnext is currently unavailable for many users. Pearson is working quickly to identify and resolve the issue and will provide updates on a regular basis until the system is available.  Pearson teams have all hands on deck to ensure performance is restored to normal operating mode.”