WARREN, NJ - The Watchung Hills Jr. Midgets improved their record to 7-0 with a 26-0 victory over Bridgewater. The defense was formidable with Ryan Pedrani, Matt Roth, Jonathan Taub and Thomas Schelling stuffing the Bridgewater run game all day. The Watchung Hills offense was kick started with a 55-yard touchdown from Chase Jones around the right end. Devon Bennet ran the ball hard all afternoon and had seven carries for 82 yards. Schelling also ran the ball well and scored twice on quarterback sneaks up the middle behind Taub and Tyler James. The final scoring play was a pass from Schelling to Roth for 24 yards and Chris Clintock adding the kick. The Wolverines face the Maplewood South Orange packers next Sunday in the first round of the conference play offs.

The Watchung Hills Pee Wee team defeated the Philipsburg Colts, 31-6, on Saturday in Philipsburg. The Wolverine offense was clicking on all cylinders. Matty Colantuono threw two passes in the opening drive. The first was a 30-yard strike to Andrew Reale the second was to Connor Cook for 15 yards.  Cook then ran the ball for 20 yards and the touchdown behind the great blocks from John Bechtle, Adam Claxton, Michael Fornaro, Charlie Everhard, George Rooks and Anthony Tomaro.  The second touchdown was scored by Reale on a 20-yard run to complete the four-play, 55-yard drive.  The third touchdown was a beautiful pass from Colantuono to his tight end Patrick Stefurak for a forty yard completion.  The fourth and final Wolverine touchdown was a 5-yard scamper by Michael Butrico behind a crushing block by Christian Rowan. Owen Kovacs made all three extra point attempts and Sean Dillon ran in the final extra point of the day to finish the Wolverine scoring at 31.

The Wolverine defense kept the colts off the score board all day behind the powerful defensive line of Mike Butrico, Matty Colantuono, Matt Drews, Isaiah Parker, and Matt Pereira harassed the Colts' quarterback all day Butrico and Drews had a great sack as well.  The linebackers Cook, Kovacs, Reale, Jack Taub and Will Tselepis controlled the colts running game all day with Taub leading the defense in tackles. The wolverine secondary of Joey Denave, Dillon, Mario Martino, and Stefurak blanketed the Colts receivers all day,  Next week the Wolverines take on the Colts again in Warren to start post season play.

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 Gold Flag


The Watchung Hills Wolverines took the field on Sunday against three different opponents in a round robin tournament.  The Wolverines battled teams from Bridgewater, Flemington and Hillsborough.  In the first game, the Wolverines took on their rival, the Hillsborough Dukes, who got the better of them in their two previous meetings.  However, today proved to be a different outcome with the Wolverines holding on to win a 2-1 contest.  Ryan Johnson scored on a 20-yard sprint to the end zone and later in the game picked off a Dukes pass returning it for a second score.  Kyle Checchio added 20 yards rushing and Colin Kolakowski had a 10-yard run that set up Johnson's first score.  The defense held the Dukes to only one score and was led by Kyle Checchio who grabbed five flags.  Timothy Velasquez, Jayden Fernandez and Chase Miller each pulled three flags against the Dukes.

In the second game, the Wolverines battled a tough Bridgewater team and were unable to reach the end zone.  The offense was held to 45 yards with Jack Clintock picking up ten on his own.  The defense only allowed one score and was once again led by Kyle Checchio with six flags.  Colin Kolakowski pulled three flags while David Dubas, Jack Clintock, Chase Miller and Ryan Johnson grabbed two each.  Jackson Acosta got in on the action pulling one flag.

In the final game, the Wolverines took on the Falcons of Flemington.  Ryan Johnson set the tone on offense rushing for 80 yards on five carries and two touchdowns.  Max Phillips took a break from his offensive line position and scored his first touchdown of the season.  Timothy Velasquez, Jayden Fernandez, Jackson Acosta and Chase Miller each added 20 yards rushing.  The defense held the Falcons to only one score and was led by Colin Kolakowski who grabbed five flags.  Ryan Johnson and Kyle Checchio each pulled four flags while Chase Miller and Max Phillips grabbed three.  Jackson Acosta finished the day strong with two flags with David Dubas and Jack Clintock each grabbing one.  The Morreale brothers, Charles and William, were instrumental in the running game opening huge holes throughout the day.


Blue Flag

The Wolverines Blue Flag Team had a field day against Bridgewater and Flemington.  The Wolverines played seven 12-minute quarters throughout the day and only allowed one touchdown.  Byron McCann put the Wolverines on the board early in the game when he sprinted 5 yards for a touchdown.  Byron finished the day with 40 yards rushing on six carries and a 15-yard reception.  Mason Kelly scored the second touchdown of the game on a 10-yard quarterback sweep.  Gerald Tobia reached the end zone next when he raced 40 yards up the middle finishing the day with 55 yards rushing on four carries.  Brayden Kelly reached the end zone on the last of his eight carries on a 20-yard run.  Brayden finished the day with 65 yards rushing.  Jadon Prinzivalli also scored on his last touch of the game going 40 yards on an end around.  Jadon finished with 80 yards rushing on nine carries.  The final Wolverines touchdown was scored by Jack Martin who moved into the backfield from his offensive tackle position and raced 30 yards up the middle for his first touchdown of the season.  K.J. West added 30 yards rushing to the offensive total.

The Wolverines defense dominated throughout the day.  Brayden Kelly continued to frustrate their opponents by grabbing thirteen flags on the day.  Mason Kelly, who has shown tremendous improvement throughout the season, had his best day pulling six flags.  Gerald Tobia was a monster on the defensive line finishing the day with six flags as well.  Michael DiNardi and Byron McCann grabbed three flags each while Jadon Prinzivalli, Jack Martin and K.J. West each grabbed two.


Junior Flag 

The Wolverines took on Bridgewater in a six quarter game.  The offense was led by Cameron Kolakowski who rushed for 60 yards on six carries and a touchdown.  Lucas Garcia scored on a 25-yard run late in the game.  Perry Weingarten, Aidan Grochowski and Nicholas Valenti each rushed for 15 yards.  The Wolverines defense was led by Perry Weingarten who finished the day with nine flags.  Lucas Garcia grabbed six flags on the day while Kyle Ling and Cameron Kolakowski each pulled five.  Maximus Yaeger finished the day with four flags and Nicholas Valenti pulled three.  Stephen Prisco and Aidan Grochowski added to the defensive totals by pulling one flag each. 


Mitey Mite Gold

 On Sunday, the Watchung Hills Wolverines Mitey Mite Gold Team played the Flemington Falcons.  The Wolverines offense was lead by Riley McCann and Vincent Lee.  McCann scored a touchdown, ran the ball over 74 yards and had two successful extra point kicks.  Vincent Lee also scored a touchdown and accumulated a total of 118 yards for the game.  John King had two short runs as well.

 The Wolverine defense was led by Quentin Tao who had an amazing five tackles in the game and assisted in a few others.  David Rosenfarb, Vincent Lee, John King and Riley McCann each had three strong tackles during the game.  Tyler Hoke had two tackles as well.


Junior Pee Wee

The Watchung Hills Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee team lost 24-0 and fell to 5-2 on the season on Sunday. Game captains for the Wolverines were Luke Marion, Jack Valenti, Justin Ferreira, and Adam Cardoza. The first quarter was a tough battle with neither team advancing the ball very far. The Wolverine offense showed the poise to "go on 2," and draw the defense off-sides but couldn't sustain a good drive. Jack Valenti had a tackle for a loss during the open period as well. Bridgewater finally found the end zone in the second quarter and took a 6-0 going to the half.


The third quarter was all Bridgewater as they scored three straight touchdowns to take a 24-0 lead. The home Panther team failed to convert the extra point on all four TD's. During the quarter, Logan Schiebler and Luke Malfetti both had nice tackles for the Wolverines. In the 4th period, Malfetti had a nice 1st down run and Shane Kelly had a strong tackle. There was no more scoring and Bridgewater moved to 7-0 with the convincing win. The Watchung Hills Wolverine squad will start the playoffs next week.