Warren, NJ – This school year, the families of the Primrose School of Warren will be entering a more secure facility as they return from the summer. This summer, the Primrose School of Warren performed a series of security upgrades in response to the unfortunate aftermath of school shootings like the one that occurred in Parkland Fl. “As wonderful and safe as our town is, we felt we that we could and should do what we can to further ensure and minimize the risk to the children in our care. We are committed to the trust our families have given us. There is nothing more important than someone’s child.” said Burt Eng(owner of the Primrose School of Warren). As such over the last few months, the school performed a series of security assessment with the help of Jane Ash (Warren’s Office of Emergency Management), Ron Berry (head of security for the Warren Board of Education) and Sergeant Gleeson from the Warren Police Dept. All three provided the school with a walk-through assessment of the entire school and provide some recommendations / feedback which has all been completed.

Since opening in 2012, the school was ready one of the most secure preschool schools in the area. After a series of upgrades, the school further established themselves with the following security measures


1) The school is an alone facility with a private parking lot within 2 minutes to the Warren police station. 

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2) The school has an active monitored security system with door sensors, glass break sensors and multiple panic buttons located throughout the school which will instantly notify the police of any emergency event.

3) The entire parking lot, building perimeter, and all hallway exits are under CCTV surveillance. 

4) All classrooms have 2 exits to ensure added safety.

5) All school perimeter doors are locked to the outside.

6) Tempered glass is used in hallway doors and windows.

7) All visitors are screened before being allowed to enter the building.

8) The front main entrance is always supervised.

9) All staff and students are trained in emergency response practices including regular lockdown and fire safety drills.


In addition to the above safety measures, recent upgrades include the following


1) Primrose School of Warren has officially adopted the “Standard Response Protocol k12 system” to ensure clear forms of communication with emergency responders in the event of an emergency. All management and staff are now trained in the procedure.

2) Privacy Blinds have been installed on all hallway doors and windows to add additional protection in case of an intruder in the hallway. In the event of a lock down, the blinds will be used to block out all visibility into the classrooms. 

3) PDQ commercial security grade steel door handles and locks have been installed on all solid wood classroom doors. PDQ intruder locks are designed specifically for school use. They will allow all staff member to use the inside door handle to lock the outside (hallway) door without compromising safety to the occupants in the room. In addition to being a class II rated locket, anotheradded safety feature is the LED classroom function which lights up once the lock is engaged and secure.


Sergeant Gleeson “What the school has done, has easily put them ahead of the game.”