WARREN, N J - Quaid Mobus, a  2010 graduate of Watchung Hills Regional High School, was in an ATV accident on Friday, September 20. Mobus was four wheeling the day before his sister's wedding in the back country of Pennsylvania when he lost control of his vehicle. He sustained a spinal cord injury and was taken to  Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philladelphia.

On Monday, September 30, Mobus was able to have surgery. " A surgery that was supposed to take 9 hours  only took 6. He did great, all his vitals stayed stable. The Doctors fused his thoracic and cervical. We are so happy for all your prayers. They have kept us ALL strong! ," Cindy Mobus

Physical Therapy started today, October 2. "Quaid can breathe much easier and is not requiring high amounts of oxygen any more and can now communicate. . The family is hopeful. When the  team came this morning. Quaid mouthed "get me up and out", he is ready to work hard. We are learning the importance of humor and support. I believe he has both. It was a good morning. I love you all so much for you thoughts, prayers, and support!,' Cindy Mobus  
According to  Carrie Isler, "they have medical insurance but it won't cover everything nor will it cover renovating their home to make it safe for Quaid when the time comes... this family is wearing their heart on their sleeve and are grateful to all those who pray, give, or just plain care. "
 A fund has been established to  help cover his airlift to the hospital, general hospital bills, a specialized wheelchair, a vehicle capable of transporting his wheelchair, and future equipment that will be needed when he is stable enough to return home. For more information, or to donate, go to : 
Additionally, some members of the community are planning to do something local. " We all take pride that Warren is #6 nationally and #2 in NJ. They mention a great community. Well here's our chance to show it.......Is anyone interested in helping/brainstorming/organizing a fundraiser for Quaid Mobus that the whole town can participate in? Maybe involve our businesses, restaurants, whatever? If so, please let me know. Thanks for your support!"  Karen Manner . To help, email Karen Manner at: Curveball@aol.com      For more information on Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, go to http://jeffersonhospital.org