Dear TAP Readers,

I have lived in Warren for 20 years and my three children have gone through the school system where they each received an excellent education.  I have always been community-minded and served 10 years on the Warren Township School Board.  When I stepped down this past year, I saw Kathy Helewa, current school board vice-president, as the face of the future, and was happy to know she was serving.

Kathy is now up for re-election. I do not write many of these types of letters;  however, I feel very strongly about Kathy’s candidacy and am publicly and wholeheartedly endorsing her for a renewed seat on the school board.

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I did not know Kathy Helewa until she appeared before the Board of Education four years ago as one of four candidates interviewing for an appointed seat that was vacant. Kathy impressed me personally and the entire Board at the time and she received the appointment.  

After Kathy was sworn in as a board member, I immediately recognized her passion for quality education, her dedication and commitment and her big heart. Her decisions were made after much consideration and deliberation and I was impressed with how collaboratively she worked on the Board while at the same time being an independent thinker. When Kathy’s appointed term was up, I was very happy that she made the commitment to run for a three year term.

In the years that ensued, I really came to appreciate Kathy’s intelligence, integrity and dedication. Kathy has a great track record as a supporter of our students, schools and staff. I cannot think of another board member who so enthusiastically embraced boardsmanship and voluntarily attended so many seminars, meetings, conferences and training sessions. After Kathy was sitting as a board member for only two years, the New Jersey School Boards Association invited her to be a speaker for a new board member orientation conference. Kathy’s three year term is about to expire and she is seeking reelection.

The school district is always tasked with difficult decisions and we need people of Kathy’s caliber to help guide the district. There are currently two critical issues facing the district: hiring a new superintendent and declining enrollment. I believe Kathy Helewa is the best candidate to address these issues. She is experienced, which is of critical importance, she is intelligent and she cares about the community and what is best for it. Kathy’s focus is on the best interest of our students.

I truly cannot think of a better candidate to serve on the Warren Township School Board and I urge you to join me in supporting Kathy Helewa. The future of our community depends on it.

The election is November 3rd and Kathy’s name appears in the #2 spot on the ballot.

Mildred Spiller