To Whom It May Concern;


My vote is to re-elect Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz for several reasons.  Five years ago this week, after Hurricane Sandy, it was Ms. Munoz who literally drove to Warren to our Courthouse to offer assistance to me as the Mayor, to assess the situation and to seek help for us with all the power outages and downed trees.


Just in 2017, she has successfully been a sponsor and gotten signed into law on such topics as increased penalties of drunk drivers that had resulted in death by auto, added two nurse educators to the Board of Nursing; protected healthcare workers who handle hazardous chemotherapy drugs; clarified and facilitated businesses to help them to negotiate the red tape; ensured delivery of oxygen to those patients at home during emergencies and advanced a package of bills on Domestic Violence, highlighted and lastly, to name just a few, addressed through coalitions the issue of Human Trafficking. As the Republican Whip she has encumbered the support of men and women in the Assembly and is very well respected as an active legislator.

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In conclusion, she represents all of us on issues that impact women, children and men and her track record is a testimony to her energy, smarts and commitment.  Join me in voting for Assemblywomen Nancy Munoz, the 21st District in New Jersey.


Sincerely, Carolann Garafola, Mayor of Warren Township, NJ.