WARREN, NJ - Warren residents in the western portion of the township served by the Dead River substation have experienced at least three significant power outages in the last month, one of which lasted for more than 10 hours. 

On behalf of the Township Committee, Mayor Lazo has been in contact with the JCP&L Government liaison in order to ensure that JCP&L addresses these recent outages to ensure that the causes are resolved. JCP&L has indicated that the cause of the outages was due to wire failures and trees on wires.

JCP&L communicated to the township that they will perform the following:

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1)     They have completed a recloser that was out of service.  This will now allow an outage of an hour or so to be less than a minute in many circumstances, such as animal contact or trees on wires.


2)     They have moved loads from one circuit to another.  This was delayed while another circuit was being upgraded with a transformer bank. This is now completed.


3)     The circuit will be inspected on a weekly basis.


4)     They will also do a thermo-vision camera inspection of the line to identify future issues.


JCP&L believes that the above corrections and procedures will alleviate many of the problems and the occurrence of regular inspections performed will find and prevent future outages.

The Township Committee will continue to ensure that JCP&L and PSE&G promptly resolve equipment issues to ensure that power is not interrupted to Warren residents and will make every effort to prevent future occurrences.