Rick de Pinho Wins Endorsement of VOW

Warren Township Committee Candidate Rick de Pinho has been endorsed by the Voters of Watchung Hills (VOW), a voter advocacy group that seeks responsible and ethical government from local representatives. 

“Rick de Pinho is dedicated to transparency, openness, and inclusion, all of which are important to VOW in an elected representative.  His commitment to these principles will ensure that when elected, he will hold the Warren government accountable to its constituents,” according to the group.

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“This is especially important as he continues his efforts to keep the public informed about the town’s affordable housing obligations, the renovation of East County Park, Verizon’s plans to install cell towers, and perhaps most egregiously, the incumbents’ failure to participate in a candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters. A forum would have given Warren residents an opportunity to learn about their elected officials and ask them questions about the future of their town, and VOW commends de Pinho for his efforts to hold one.

In addition to his dedication to inclusiveness and transparency, de Pinho would bring an experienced, fiscally responsible, independent voice with fresh new ideas to Warren.”

Rick de Pinho is a sixteen-year resident, engineer and attorney, dedicated to using his problem solving and advocacy skills to serve Warren’s residents.  Rick is the only candidate, running for Warren’s Township Committee, who completed the questionnaire sent by the League of Women Voters of NJ (LWV-NJ).  [All Election Day candidates’ responses can be accessed at vote411.org.]  Rick is running independently and not as a part of any “slate.”  He believes Township Committee members should be considered independently and individually.  Independence is an especially important quality as a member of the Township Committee, so residents can be afforded more forthright information and can have a voice. 

In discussing the endorsement and his priorities, de Pinho pledged, “I will work to ensure our community is made aware of opportunities to serve on government subcommittees and commissions, and that the selection process is open.   I will encourage reaching out to the community in a variety of ways to explain what the Township Committee is considering doing, so input can be received and issues like affordable housing, the East County Park, and Mini-cell Towers could receive the public’s input before decisions are made and finalized.   I will ensure more robust disclosure is engrained as a common practice.  Governing this way shows humility in administering and allows for government accountability.  I fully appreciate the serious responsibility of sitting in such a role and making decisions that will affect neighbors.  I knows such a role requires empathy and forethought and I am prepared for this role because I will be continuously mindful that the Committee’s decisions, and non-decisions, can impact residents, and it is not enough to react after-the-fact after residents voice concern. “

Visit www.depinhoforwarren.com or www.facebook.com/depinhoforwarren to learn more about Rick.

Rick is the Fresh ideas, Inclusive & Transparent Candidate that is FIT to serve!

Please vote for de Pinho for Township Committee on November 7th

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