WARREN, NJ -  All roads have reopened in Warren Township, however drivers are cautioned to go slow and be careful. Warren Township Police ask drivers to remember, "Four-wheel drive helps you drive, not stop. Please drive slow and keep your distance between the car in front of you. Stay safe everyone."

Until further notice, if you are attempting to contact the police non-emergency line or specific extension please dial (908)753-8000 ext. 300. 

Many spinouts have been reported due to patches of black ice. The road may just look wet but could be icy. With temperatures in the single digits, ice melt is ineffective.

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With extreme cold temperatures in the forecast, the wind chill will be severe enough to make outdoor pipes freeze and cause your pipes--even in an unheated crawl space or interior heated space on an outside wall--to freeze.

The best way to prevent a frozen and burst pipe catastrophe from happening is to shut off all of the water going to the outside and keep a slow drip of water in any areas above an unheated crawl space or outside wall so that the water always keeps moving. It also helps to keep your cabinet doors under an outside wall faucet open.