PASADENA, CA - The 2017 Rose Bowl will be broadcast live on Monday January 2 on the NBC Television network. The game will pit the USC Trojans against the Nitanny Lions of Penn State and the game, the oldest of bowl games, is preceded by the Tournament of Roses Parade where Warren's Andrew Morrison will be marching with the Bands of America Honor Band.

Warren's Morrison Set to Perform with the Bands of America Honor Band in the 2017 Rose Parade®

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Usually played on New Year's Day, the game and parade follow a century old tradition of being played on Monday in those years when January 1 is a Sunday. While church services play a role in the decision to change the day, the change was made for practical purposes instead of religious ones.

The Tournament of Roses parade route passes through Pasadena California. There are several churches along the route. In the early days of the parade, many people still uses horses, or horses and buggies, to get to church. Organizers of the parade felt that all the noise of the parade and marching bands may spook the large number horses that were hitched outside churches on Sunday morning, so the parade date changes in some years.

Locally the parade will be broadcast on NBC 4 in New York starting at 11 a.m. with the Rose Bowl following immediately afterward.

"The Bands of America National Honor Band is the 80th unit in the parade (sometime in the last 40 minutes of the parade), said Bob Morrison. "The band a few units before is the Los Angeles Unified Honor Band. The float in front of the band is the Ragu float (long vine of tomatoes!). IN the honor band... Andrew is dead center of the 3rd row following the Sousaphones (playing alto saxophone). He is 6th in from either side. We will be sitting in the grand stands at "TV Corner" which is the massive corner near the beginning of the parade where all the TV crews are set up. We will wave to you!"