I have 30 years of leadership and management experience and 16 years of active civic involvement in Franklin Township. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employee Relations from Rutgers University. 

I attended Southern University A&M College where I was inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society), and obtained my electronics background and used those skills to serve in the United States Air Force Reserves for 8 years as an Avionics Specialist.

I am currently an IT Manager for Saint Peter's Healthcare System, where I lead a team of 26 who serve and service the organization 24 X 7, all while being Councilwoman of Franklin Township which has afforded me the opportunity to bring my management, leadership, and customer service skills to government.

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I believe all these experiences and my servant leadership qualify me to be a Somerset County Freeholder.

One of the pressing issues is being good stewards of the funds (budget). While collecting $220M in taxes, under the current leadership, who have been in control of the board for the past 28 years, (we have the 7th highest property taxes in the country), our tax dollars are paying for Natirar, who caters to the millionaires and not the many. I’m all for preserving land; however, the backward deal carries a bad debt.


We need more transparency, where meetings are taped and/or televised. The meetings are currently held at 4:30pm & 6:30pm at inconvenient times for most residents. The quickest and easiest to implementation would be to record the meetings and put them on YouTube where residents can subscribe to the YouTube channel, as a start.