WARREN, NJ - Mother Nature has a sense of humor. As Warren Township (and much of the northeast) digs out from Winter Storm Stella, that sure sign of spring is hatching in our elementary schools... soft, fuzzy chicks.

Kindergarten students and first graders spent a week carefully tending to a dozen fertilized eggs in their classrooms, learning about a chick’s lifecycle while rotating the eggs and monitoring temperature and humidity in the incubator. The fuzzy barnyard babies began pecking their way out of their shells on March 13, just as Stella was bearing down on the area.

The elementary schools partner each year with the Pennsylvania-based Quiver Farm Project which provides the fertilized eggs as part of an educational outreach program. The youngsters care for the chicks, making sure they are fed, watered and warm before sending them home to Quiver Farm.

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PHOTO #1 - Central kindergartner Stella Volante snuggles with a newly hatched chick on March 13, as Winter Storm Stella approached.

PHOTO #2 - Central kindergartners Dana Dealaman (L) and Allie Fahs are all smiles as they cuddle a soft chick on March 13, part of an annual educational outreach program to learn about the chick’s lifecycle.

PHOTO #3 – First graders (L-R) Mason Oliveira, Mark Armento, and Lucas Finkelstein show off new barnyard babies at Mt. Horeb School on March 16.

PHOTO #4- Woodland 1st graders Desmond Ohlson and Neha Raju gently stroke and welcome the chicks to their classroom on March 13.